Cinema Through Senses – THE DOOR

This workpiece is inspired by the lecture “Cinema as Door” (Moving Images Unit – Cultural and Theoretical Studies ) by Chris de Selincourt on the 17th January 2017 at London College of Communication.


“In/Out” Illustration by Nicole Afonso Alves Calistri

The darkness in this place reflects peace and protection. There is no other place where humans are free of judgments, social constrictions, humanity issues and life. This place is a limbo where you are nothing – you are just there.

I don’t remember the door opening. However, it is the only thing I have in common with every creature of my race on earth.

The door never opens by will. We learn throughout life that when the door opens you experience the first and most disruptive trauma in life – that is why no one remembers. The trauma is reflected in the light that blinds you without your permission. There is no way back. The only solution is acknowledging reality. You are here, now – cope with it or create your world at the margin of society.

Humans seek fulfilment throughout life. However, the stage of limbo in the womb only matches the moment in time passed in the cinema theatre – a conscious journey in the inner world of human mind. The real world and reality with its issues are locked outside. The darkness inebriate perceptions and the mind is transported by the soundtrack, graphics and visual outcome of great minds collaborating toward the creation of a whole new dimension.

The screen acts at the first trauma in life, reversed – from the acknowledged world you surpass the threshold of consciousness and enter in an unconscious status toward the projection you are exposed. Gradually, the spectator’s attention focuses on connecting, understanding and thinking about a new reality.

Cinema is an extension of the human mind, and its screen acts as a door to visually investigate and discover the human essence – creativity.

Nevertheless, the door closes with the complete credit list of hundreds of people who shared a little part of their creativity and willingness to create an alternative reality.

Nicole 🙂


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