I am a second-year student of Management and Cultures, at LCC. I was mistakenly born in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in Florence because of my mother’s love for Italy (and I don’t blame her). After taken my 5-year diploma on “Fashion Design”, I decided to escape from the economic and mental situation going on in Italy and moved to London to carry on my studies. I applied for several courses at LCF, but the one that I am currently attending seemed to accomplish better my professional bias which is based on research, analyses, forecasting and management, but from a creative and cultural perspective. I take fashion seriously and don’t believe it is entirely comprehensible from its side’s point of view.

I opened this Blog to keep track of my academic journey, through the creation of posts inspired by lectures, seminars, personal activities and experiences. Sometimes I use a formal tone in my works because some of the blog posts I write will be part of the Cultural & Theoretical Studies assignment at the end of each term.

All the posts hold subjects that I am passionate about, such as history, contemporary art, fashion, sociology and anthropology. I don’t dig deep into my opinion because I believe in the influence of the future on them, and therefore on their renewal and mutation.  However, I write openly and sometimes let my emotions affect my thoughts.

I am a very sensitive individual, and I like to transmit this side of myself through my writing. In this way, I try to be creative – a little injection of my “essence” into something strictly formal. I like to think that there is nothing wrong in doing so, from the academic perspective of it, because I believe feelings are not opinions, therefore compatible with the academic world.

Regardless of the way and why I write, I hope to produce some enjoyable reading and stimulate people’s thoughts, meet interesting people and have lots of insights, critics and advice!

Nicole 🙂


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